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Due to the wide range of products and a variety of service providers, going the solar route is not a simple decision.

At VM Refrigeration Air-conditioning and Electrical Projects (Pty) Ltd, we strive to provide an efficient and sustainable system for the property owner. We achieve this by providing a full analysis of the load profile of an existing or new installation. Armed with this information, we will design, install and commission a system according to the client’s requirements, done in line with the relevant legislation and guidelines as published by NERSA. The installation workmanship is warranted for 5 years- a vote of confidence in our work.

Herewith are some of the solutions we provide to our valued clientele.


This is a solution that automatically switches between Eskom / local Municipality , Battery and solar as needed. These systems consist of the following.

• Solar panels ( PV Modules)
• Inverter charger
• Battery

Without solar panels , the system becomes a back up only system , where it uses Eskom to charge the batteries and use the stored battery power to supply power to the house when Eskom is off (Load shedding , faults). The panels can be added at a later stage.

This systems saves you money on electricity and is perfect for your home or business.


Complete freedom from Eskom! You are in direct control of your energy future. This system consists of the following components.

• Solar panels ( PV Modules)
• Inverter charger
• Battery

It offers zero reliance on Eskom. Slightly costly but worth every cent in the investment.


A solution that let’s you generate, but not store your own power as the system has no batteries included. The system consist of the following components.

• Solar panels ( PV Modules)
• Inverter

This is the cheapest option with primary objective of reducing your electricity bill as it uses solar during the day to provide power to the loads.
With the right solar system, you are assured of some solar production even on cloudy days to generate sufficient power, thus providing you with a return of investment together with reliable power supply from a sustainable source.

Solar Brands

Why choose us for your solar installation, in your journey to owning and mantaining your power supply?

We provide and are committed to:
1. High quality workmanship 2. Ongoing Management
3. Industry leading warranties
4. Best in class products from our suppliers.
5. Eco friendly solutions.
6. Full compliance to SANS10142 ,NRS standards and associated legislations.
7. SAPVIA Greed card certification
8. Providing ongoing customer support
9. System remote monitoring and maintenance.
10. Ongoing training for our Team and Management in all aspects of photovoltaic.

Our full range of solar services include:

1. Feasibility assessments and proposal submission.
2. Solar energy system sales.
3. Solar systems installation and commissioning.
4. UPS / Back up power installations.
5. Maintenance and repairs.



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